Nokia Bell Labs
Interaction Designer (2019-2020)
After I finished my MA, I worked for Nokia Bell Labs for a bit as an Interaction Designer in the Analytics Research Team. Unfortunately, because of the super secret nature of the work I was doing, I can't really show much, so you'll just have to take my word and trust that I actually did quite a lot.
During my time there, I led the design on two projects. The first looked at the way we as individuals approach and interact with information from a cognitive point of view and the second looked at determining cognitive and emotional readiness through voice. The science behind these was way over my head but nevertheless, they were super interesting projects to work on. Nearly two years of research for these projects had taken place before I came onboard so there was quite a lot to catch up on. My role was to basically come up with ideas which reflected the research findings (I had to backtrack and conduct a lot of my own research too), prototype said ideas and test them with users.
I very much so brought a designer-y voice into a room filled with more science-y inclined people, generating concepts (digitally focused) that fulfilled a function but did so in a user-friendly and engaging way.

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