Senior UX Designer (2021-2022)
During my time so far as part of the Central UX Team within Citi's Institutional Clients Group (ICG), I've led the design on three projects - account onboarding, the ICG homepage website redesign and the ICG API website design. As well as those three, I've also supported our external partners as they redesign Citigroup's website. On top of my day-to-day project work, part of my role is to support and better the wider ICG UX community wherever I can. I help manage and contribute towards the ICG Design System (ICG DS). I curate and edit a company-wide UX newsletter which aims to raise awareness and promote the work of Designers within the ICG. I've improved the processes of new Designer onboarding and project documentation and I've also conducted tooling and methodology upskilling workshops.
The projects, mentioned above, that I've worked on so far are still ongoing so I can't share too much about them as of now but I'll be sure to update this page with more details when I can, so make sure to check back again soon.

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